Equipment List

Simulation training enhances technical skills in a low-risk environment, as close to reality as possible without affecting a real patient’s health and safety while learning. Medical and engineering students will be immersed in technology-driven clinical environments at the Jump Simulation Center, featuring state-of-the-art medical virtual reality and simulation equipment.

Virtual Reality Training

  • Airway VR (Intubation)
  • ECMO VR Simulator
  • Virtual Anatomy
  • VR Sepsis Trainer


Simulation Equipment

Routine Skills

  • Adult Blood Pressure Arm
  • Adult IV & Injection Arm
  • Adult Crash Cart
  • AED Trainer
  • Breast Exam Simulator
  • Catheterization/Enema Trainer
  • ECMO Trainer
  • Eyesi™ Direct Opthalmoscope
  • Harvey Heart™
  • Lumbar Puncture & Epidural Simulator
  • Otoscopy Trainer
  • RoSS™ Robotic Surgery Trainer
  • Ultrasound
  • Venipuncture Pad
  • Ventriloscope



  • Cervical Dilation Trainer
  • FLS™
  • Gynecological Simulator
  • Normal & Abnormal Uteri



  • Baby Stap
  • Infant IO Leg
  • Newborn Airway Trainer
  • Newborn Pedi Skills Trainer
  • Pediatric Crash Cart



  • Newborn Anne™
  • SimBaby™
  • SimJunior™
  • SimMan3G™
  • SimMan ALS™
  • SimNewborn™
  • SAM 3G Auscultation Manikin™


Equipment availability is subject to change.

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